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Simple in-person and virtual instruction for golfers motivated to play at an elite level.

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What We Do

Ben Curtis started the Academy to pass on the valuable insight and expertise he’s gained as an Open Champion and 4-time winner on the PGA Tour. Ben’s knowledge of the game played at the highest level guides our philosophy of simple instruction and personal mentoring – helping others unlock the best version of themselves as a golfer.

Whether you’re stuck on a plateau in your game or want to refine your golf skills to help you win tournaments, our instructors are ready to understand your desired goals and create a customized program to achieve them.

Ben’s Coaching Philosophy

Ben’s coaching philosophy is focused on simple golf instruction that hones elite skills. We believe that great instruction goes beyond the golf game – we also help students build a strong mindset and achieve purpose-driven goals. The Academy’s holistic coaching approach and personal mentoring not only guides our students to succeed on the golf course, it lays the foundation of good habits for life.

Strengthen Your Game

  • Improve your fundamentals, full swing and short game techniques
  • Focus on retention by mastering one skill at a time
  • Adjust drills to make continuous improvements
  • Focus on your strengths and build good practice habits
  • Learn course management and game etiquette

Improve Your Mindset

  • Learn how to be disciplined, focused, and methodical
  • Improve self-awareness to adapt your game to the elements and conditions
  • Deepen your understanding of professionalism
  • Learn how to avoid burnout
  • Understand the importance of having a positive attitude and confidence

Achieve Your Goals

  • Build a tournament schedule aligned with your goals
  • Receive college recruitment guidance
  • Become an elite athlete through physical training and nutritional guidance
  • Learn how to adapt as you grow physically and mentally
  • Make your strengths and weaknesses work for you

All of our coaches bring their own unique style with the same dedication to Ben’s philosophy of simple instruction driven by student goals. Learn more about our golf instructors to find the best fit for you.

Choose Your Lesson Type

Improve your golf skills on our course – or from anywhere in the world! The Ben Curtis Golf Academy offers options for in-person and virtual golf lessons from one of our golf instructors who coach and teach according to core principles and methods developed by Ben Curtis.

In-Person lessons

Enroll in lessons at our state-of-the-art facilities in Hudson, OH.

Virtual lessons

Not able to attend in person? No problem! Enroll in virtual lessons for personalized instruction at your fingertips.

From Our Students

“Growing up in Northeast Ohio, Ben has been a huge inspiration and somebody I look up to. It’s been great to get to know him and work with him throughout my college career”

– Ian Holt Collegiate Golfer

"After only a few lessons with Ben I was hitting my putts straighter, irons farther, and chip shots closer. Not only does he understand how to play the game, he understands the mental aspect of the game as well."

– Mason Moldvay High School Golfer

"Ben’s golf IQ is so high, and his course management is so good. His expertise will really benefit anyone who's looking to take their game to the next level."

– Herb Page Golf Coach, Kent State University

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